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Canare 4s11 how good are they ?
I replaced the old Analysis-Plus Oval 9 with Canare.  Canare turned out to be much better in sound.  
Canare 4s11 how good are they ?
@duckey  I advise you to put (Oyaide GBN) bananas on the Canare 4s11.  Yes, they are not cheap, but they have excellent screw clamp contact.  With Canare it will be a great bunch.  
Choice between Klotz MC5000 and Canare L-4E6S.
Refused about the professional sector.  I bought and made XLR interconnects, Furutech FA-aS22 on connectors from Furutech (FP-701/702F G).  The cables are wonderful with great, phenomenal detail and great bass response.  These are PHENOMENAL cables.  
Quick Question About Power Cables
For a streamer, a preamp isn't worth spending a lot of money to boost the bass.  Buy, better assemble yourself, Saec 7000 cable.  Valikolepny control and supply of low frequencies.  
Canare 4S11"G" now available!
•The 4S11G has a 99.96% pure OFC conductor. •4s11 uses copper with a purity of 99.9   The characteristics of the cables are exactly the same. The difference is so insignificant in purity, in my opinion, it will not be noticeable at all by ear. ... 
Review of TEAC NT-505
Hi all. For nt-505, a new update has been released with a bug fix for "standby", dated 05/26/2023. https://teac.jp/int/product/nt-505/download SYSTEM Firmware V1.53 External clock synchronization is now possible for COAXIAL/OPTICAL digital au... 
Quad artera pre and power combination
I completely agree with you. I also own Quad artera stereo and Quad artera pre. Very happy with their sound. Previously, I had Quad 606, 909. I wanted to replace them with other companies, but I could not part with the proprietary sound from Quad.  
Power cords known to produce good bass
@squared80  exclusively for you.  I, like you, at one time did not hear the difference between power cables and also wrote, like you, that this is nonsense.  But then I heard, and how I heard.  Advice to you, do not hear the difference and do not,... 
Disservice: XLR interconnects
I read a lot about different manufacturers of XLR cables.  No one mentioned the Japanese, it's AudioCraft.  Inexpensive and very worthy AudioCraft CX-100 XLR cables.  They are very popular in Japan.  I highly recommend taking a look at them.  
Ferrite cores on cables
I also think ferite tips are evil on speaker cables.  But here on power cables, it's good.  
Power cords known to produce good bass
Regarding the effect of the cable on the sound. I had an Oyaide Tunami V2 cable on my TEAC NT505. I replaced it with the Furutech FP-3TS20 in the sound, the quantity and quality of low frequencies and bass increased significantly. Low frequencies ... 
Oxidation on surface of cable under clear jacket
No, I live in normal conditions.  This problem with greenery is not unique.  The manufacturer knows about it, so he changed the transparent insulation of the wires to opaque in new models.  The sound, as I know, is not reflected.  The problem is p... 
Oxidation on surface of cable under clear jacket
I also got green on Oval 9, after 10 years of operation, I noticed it.  after that he sold it.  Now it is in the Canare 4s11 system, I am more satisfied with it than Analysis-Plus oval 9.   I have a photo of him, I don't know how to post it here...