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Revelation Audio Labs
THAT was my experience.  he goes silent.  he owes me almost 1000 but disappears.sorry to say a crook.  do not deal with him. 
Review: Empire Scientific,Co. 4000DIII Cartridge
raul,can i write to you off line regardingDertonarm?interesting things u might know or not 
Lyra Olympos SL: Discontinued?
Jonathan,for the 1st time in all my audio years i broke the stylus.i am sick. had 2 arms and using both and the guard not on it.Can i send it to you for rebuild or what?can u contact off line [email protected] or i call you? 
Is it ok to use Zero dust on A-90 ?
Very convincing pictures. 
Koetsu Coralstone vs Olympos or Universe?
i am surprised by that. doug, could you expand on that? what needs to be adjusted? i just about to spring for one, but not want to spend 30 min tweeking each day. can u help? love all your very intelligent comments from experience in the forum . t... 
300 B Shuguang Black Bottle tubes
and which 300B is their best?And others think better than WE? thx 
Is RAVEN TABLE that good over sme or Walker?
thx for any info