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Rockwell: audiophile term "just like a pedophile"
Actually, its another name for ocd , we are never satisfied with what we have, have to try something else, its neverending, forever! 
Which components knocked you out on first listen?
I would have to say, a revox tuner, the b160 , I have never heard any tuner sound so good, just incredible it just blows everything else away and this is a vintage tuner. Those revoxes sure do look and sound good. 
Any good FM tuners around for less than $200?
Yes, I would recomend the nakamichi st 7 which can be had for 200.00 and under. Great sound and selectivty. 
What are the Best FM tuners?
I, must say you should give the nakamichi st 7 a listen , with the sholtz circuitry, it is really quiet and really pulls in weak stations, of course you must have a good antenna, and most of us don't hook up to outside antennas, I use a non powere... 
is hard drive dead
Hi zd542, I believe it is a seagate. But am not sure, too it to shop, he said hd d ok but why wont it recognize hd in hd utilities it just says 0 use 0 capacitylike its wiped clean , fortunately I had no cds on it I purchased it on e bay european ...