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NRG Custom Power Cables ?
I recently purchased the 5. It does a better job of providing true sound than the JPS labs power plus I used previously. I actually am stunned by the difference. When life gets back to normal, I’m switching out morethis feeds a Rotel HT receiver w... 
Connection help
Thanks gent! Now Im making progress. I think I prefer the line level switch. Would you say the one listed is best, or should I look somewhere elsethanks 
Connection help
Now we are on the right track everyone. The only issue i have ewith connecting the HT receiver which for clarity is a rotel 1570 into one of the preamps inputs which is a rogue metis is I use NOS tubes in the pre and dont want to wear them out wat... 
Connection help
I dont think im explaining my problem correctly. What I want to accomplish is have the pre go directly to the amp running the fronts at the same time have the HT receiver go to the center, the rears and the two main fronts. Sorry if I confused my ...