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Philips CDM9Pro CD transport drawer mechanism
Have contacted Artech, no luck; contacted TagMclaren (took over Audiolab)no luck; contacted Philips, no response (yet). Trying a different approach here. 
Audiolab info needed
I have several Audiolab products, they are all fine pieces of equipment. The 8000S is a very good integrated, but be warned it runs hot!. Needs some air around it. It has a very neutral response, and is a very flexible amp in set up options, I am ... 
Albertporter only needs 50
Put me down for 2. Thanks Mike. 
Vertical Bi-amp using 2 power amps v mono blocks
Speakers are Monitor Audio Studio 12. Small floor standers. REL Q100e (pair) for bottom end. 
Wall panels to control brightness
I have also been looking at control for brightness.. This looked like it might help. Have not yet tried them out .. BAD Panel Diffusors. See here;http://www.silentsource.com/diffusors-rpg-bad.htmlHas anyone tried this product?Mike. 
DAC replacement
SeanCurrent DAC being used with an Audiolab 8000CDM transport which I like, and have no plans to change. Current set up is posted Virtual Systems.Thanks Mike. 
Gain matching of power amps
Many thanks for the responses. Especially Herman, level of detail I wanted, and much appreciated. I have two matching power amps right now, so I know that this is the best gain match solution. May need to look at other alternatives to resolve twee... 
Any good cheap integrated amps?
There is an Audiolab 8000A on EBAY right now that should fit your needs if you want a good amp with phono. 
Tubes - Top hats, and Tube socks
I should add that this is for an ARC LS-7 with Amperex 7308's. 
Tubes - Top hats, and Tube socks
Thanks for the input. Are there multiple types of top hats or only one for each tube size/type? 
Any experience with STEALTH Cable?
I replaced a Biwire/Biamp triple of DH LABS T14 (single to HF, and shotgun double to LF) with Stealth PC Premier stereo pair (Biamped). Absolutely night and day.. improvement in bass, soundstage, and musicality. Will add Stealth FR silver speaker ... 
Bargain power conditioners
Does anyone have any recommendation on the Monster - HTS2500. The difference between this and the HTS2000 appears only to be the addition of three filters. Do you think this will improve/degrade the sound, and that it can be rack mounted. 
Monitor Audio - Hype or the good stuff?
I have an old pair of MA R352's still going strong (in a second system), and a pair of MA Studio 12's (slim floorstanders), these are not available in the US. I imported then direct from UK. They are wonderful and 'very' detailed. I prefer them to... 
Bi-Amping power amps
The amps are a pair of Audiolab 8000P power amps, so should be identical (made in same year!). How do I bridge them to mono ?? I thought stereo amps had to specifically be mono bridge capable? Thanks for input so far.