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I'm trusting FedEx/ UPS less by the day
I redirect any high value shipments to a FedEx hold/drop location. I have a Walgreens close by that is a drop location. Worth the 15 minute round trip for piece of mind. So far so good.   
Help Me Choose or Confuse Me More
Please do keep us posted. If I ever come across a pair of The P3’s I will definitely give them a listen.I have a similar (slightly larger) office setup. I have a Peachtree 125se running a pair of NOLA Boxer 2. I have not found the need to move a s... 
Straight out of the box doesn't work.
I may be mistaken, but I believe the red indicator light on the front panel on the right side means the amp is operating in ultra linear. That is the normal default when powering on the amp. Try switching the amp to triode and see what happens. I ... 
Pass Labs xa30.8 died
I recently purchased an HPA-1 that was a dealer demo. When it arrived it would not power up. I went through the obvious stuff. Power source, power cable, it has an accessible fuse holder on the rear panel. All good. I found a forum thread that sai...