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"Bookshelf" speakers designed to be placed near the wall behind them?
Has anybody heard the Zu Audio Omen Bookshelf speakers?  10" "full-range" driver (concentric tweeter, I believe) in a sealed box enclosure, reasonably priced, sold direct online only as far as I can tell.  Looks interesting! 
"Bookshelf" speakers designed to be placed near the wall behind them?
Again, many thanks for all the beautifully informed responses!I now have a short list of three candidates (in descending order of WAF ;^):Audio Note AN-K seAerial 5TATC SMC19 v2Recent suggestions have inspired more research, so the short list may ... 
"Bookshelf" speakers designed to be placed near the wall behind them?
Wow, some great ideas here - thanks!Thanks, @gsm18439 for reminding me about Audio Notes.  They've been on my must-investigate list for a long time.  I didn't remember that they made a stand-mount - will check it out!Thanks, @mofojo Guru QM10-2 so... 
Pro Audio Gear?
I've done some shopping on, i don't think they have a bluebook (haven't been there in a while), and in general the site made me really appreciate audiogon. But they do sell used pro gear. 
Power cord for ARC CD2
I'm using a Synergistic Research MC on mine; the CD2 is way to the "warmer side of neutral" in my experience, not sure if it's due to the power cord (it's been there a while now ;-). Have to admit i noticed the most difference from aftermarket pow... 
Problems with proposed transactions?
Over the past couple years i have purchased various interconnects and cables, more than a dozen electronic components (for several systems), and two pairs of speakers; i have sold only one set of speaker cables (need to start selling some of these... 
rooftop antennae for tuner and TV
Sugarbrie, thanks for great info. I was on my way to Radio Shack this weekend to get a voltmeter, now i feel competent to shop for an antenna as well.