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what are some digital cable upgrades/servers?
I am one of the owners of Qsonix if you use a good dac the digital cable becomes less important. I can reccomend some dacs if you need some help 
The best speaker you ever heard?
YG acoustics PRO 
YG Acoustics add in Stereophile
The reason why people buy YG speakers is because it is the best sounding speaker they ever heard. I am a dealer for them I was an MBL dealer. I have lots of MBL speakers in my showroom for people to buy and nobody buys them when they compare them ... 
YG Acoustics add in Stereophile
I have owned the Temptation and evidence and the MBL 101 E I now own the YG Pros they blow everything else away. 
YG Acoustics add in Stereophile
I am using wolcott audio tube amps 
Looking for the Best Sounding 250 Tracks
Thanks for the posting i am up to about 180 tracks I will post them for you in a few days 
Help -- need Idiot's Guide to music server system
by the way Hi have the same spendors The biggest thing music servers have is conveniance. Just make sure the server supports a lossless format and has the ability to buy music from the internet 
Help -- need Idiot's Guide to music server system
I am dealer and sell many of these systems I let you try them out 
Music Server vs. PC vs. Transport vs. ?
you cant buy lossless flac or itunes music If you use wma lossless which is what the qsonix supports you can buy music with out ever leaving your living room. I am a dealer for qsonix and sooloos 
How do I spend $5000? A CD player or DAC for my De
You should by a music server it will sound better than any cd player costing up to $20,000 read the absolute sound december. You can get a qsonix for about $3500 
Music Server vs. PC vs. Transport vs. ?
you should check out qsonix version 2.41 
DAC w/2 analog out + digital pass thru?
mfb technology 
Sooloos music server: Anyone hear, anyone a dealer
i am a dealer you might want to try the qsonix I have several for sale that are b stock and have more features than the sooloos. This paired with a msb dac will provide you with the best digital sound you can get at any price 
The best CD Player for the money
qsonix juke box