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Best lines in a song
Ah but are they happy? YouÂ’d be surprised: Between the bed and the booze and the shoes They suffer least who suffer what they choose.David Ackles American Gothic 
Old B&O vs. new Rega P1
For me B&O is about three things; looks, sound and convenience in that order. In my studio I have a 9000 and a 8002 tt with mmc 1,2, and a 4 for the not so good lps. If you are interested in casual listening B&O offers great products. At c... 
Best single-malt Scotch...
Had another look at this great thread and I would like to add Glenkinchie 12 year old, clean, fresh, floral and grassy. A great aperatif as it does not kill the buds before a good wine. Also do not forget the Woodford Reserve, I always get a bottl... 
gain control issue
The sources are Unico cd player and rega 25 tt. The lack of gain control is the same for each source. The gain control dial goes up to a max of 10 stops. I am checking out some attenuators. Thanks for the input. 
Tube rolling suggestions for Unison Unico
i use mullard cv4003s in my unico cd and tung sol blackglass in the unico amp. deep base and excelent mid, great for jazz. 
info on mission 773 cartridge
thanks, questions answered 
Best single-malt Scotch...
scapa for the price 
Most achingly-beautiful music
henryk mikolaj gorecki symphony no. 3 'symphony of sorrowful songs' 
phono cartridge for new,old system
i did not mention that the rega p2 came with two old cartridges denon 103 and shure V15III i will get the needles checked and give them a spin i have taken your advice sugarbrie and purchased an ortofon om-30 super i will get a om-10 stylus for th...