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Question about B&W Nautilus 805's without stands
ive have the same spks 802's htm1 and 805's on cheap circuit city stands for rear or side channels i think they sound fine. your gona cross them over at about 80hz anywayjmoLRossLexicon mc12bb&w 802's htm1 805'sproceed hpa2proceed amp3 
HUM dilemma Can anyone solve This one?
have an electrician you trust install an isolated/dedicated circuit in your home theater room. Isolated circuit / dedicated GROUND. Hope this helps Lee Ross 
I live in a large cement room...
My dad lives in a small cement room. The feds provide itfree of charge. I dont think he's too worried about imaging though.Lee 
i agree with sabbiamj go for the toshiba tw56 or tw65 then pay to have it professionally calibrated. There are only two 7" crt (reasonably priced) rear projection tv's on the market that are worth a flip. The Toshiba and the Pioneer elite(sorry mi... 
Is there a Musical HT Receiver....?
I have tried everything over the years, Luxman reciver, b&k reciver, adcom gfa-7500 amps,paradigm speakers, a/d/s speakers, cheap cables, expensive cables and i have come to one conclusion. There is only one way for people of moderate income t... 
Is there a Musical HT Receiver....?
NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! There is no such thing as a musical receiver.Lee 
AMP for 804 Nautilus
proceed hpa-2 
The Lengths You ve Gone Through
I once had to get up off the couch and walk all the way over the the stereo to turn it on because one of the 12v remote on leads wasnt seated well. It felt like a death marchLee 
Help with Lexicon MC1
hey guys i have a dc-1 and a proceed hpa-2 the proceed amphas a switch(2 actually) that lets me choose between rca and balanced inputs could i not buy a proceed,levinson or wadia cd player with balanced outs and a volume control and bypass the lex... 
separates for BW Natilus 804?
I own a pair of Nautilus 803's and i can promise you that torun your 804's with a receiver would be a terible sin.Feed you 804's with a nice clean amp just as a test drive and see if im not right.jmo Lee Ross 
Serious Power Problems with my HPA2
thanks for your reply although i didnt carry the amp to the neighbors house i did try to run it thru the extension cord at my house and i tried several different power cords with the same results. my concern is that i box this thing up and send it... 
Do amps need time to break in? my hpa-2
sorry i didnt proof read the post better. 
Upgrade Time Again.... please help
Man that whole description could have been replaced with one sentence... I really want a mark levinson amp. 
Pre/Pro for $2K
I wouldnt buy any of those suggestions if i had 1500.00 for a preamp/pro i would most likley buy the sunfire theater grand I ... $1500.00 used. and as soon as you can afford it replace your gfa-6000 with a better amp. I replaced my gfa-7500 with a... 
Are you Guys Rich or What!?
Cornfedboy is Right, Although i have not spent 100k on my system..somewhere around 30-35k. The point is I work my ass off to support my family and run my company and if the Left keeps taxing and regulating my butt off im going to start wacking the...