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Is Qsonix out of business?
A really good local electronics repair shop recently repaired my Qsonix. Lots of common parts in the 205 according to the tech. He put in a new CD drive for $89 including installation! Let me know if anyone wants his contact info. 
Monitor Audio Platinum + Audio Research
I just got Monitor Audio 200s in October. Love them inside and out. Clearly deserving of their Stereophile 'A' list rating. Crisp and clear on all levels though i do use a sub. 
Comments/opinions on Monitor Audio PL200's
I just purchased a pair of PL200s and am very pleased. They are probably a bargain at their price and I preferred them to B&W 804s which I also considered. I am using them in a relatively small room with several sonic panels. I originally powe... 
Review: qsonix q110 Transport
Yes. Qsonix offers an accessory for wireless communication with your network. I just purchased the Q105 (didn't need 4 zones). I did get the optional wirless accessory as I have the same issue.