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Personal amp evolution
Solid state to tubes, back to solid state. Been rough matching speakers with all these guys."Best Buy" Sony ReceiverHarmon Kardon ReceiverNorh SE-9Decware Zen SelectSophia Electric BabyCayin TA-30Arcam Diva A65 PlusOnix A-120Also have a Sansui 909... 
Best Budget system? $500-$750 tops
My recommendation (all new):Onix A-60 ($299 b-stock at av123.com)Sony DVP-NC875V - 5 disk/SACD($150 @amazon.com)Epos ELS-3 ($300 new)Of course these can be purchased on the 'gon for less.Some used speakers worth considering are:Magnepan MMG ($350-... 
Budget speaker selection help
Thank you for your responses... Very interesting read. Does anyone have experience with older Thiel speakers? Particularly the Thiel SCS speakers (circa 1995)? Someone if offering to sell me theirs at a great price.Besides the mentioned Thiel, I a... 
modify CD25 or buy new CDP...
I did the following 'simple' upgrades on my CD25:- upgraded op-amps- upgraded RCA connectors- Black Hole 2 dampening throughout the casing- added IEC connector with upgraded power cordAfter everything was done, the sound really smoothed out. I pre... 
Best sounding op-amp
Thanks for everyone's input... I'm leaning towards trying out the AD8620... does anyone know the difference between the AD8620-AR and AD8620-BR? The BR version is about double the price.thanks. 
Small size tube amps...any recommendations??
Sophia Baby Amplifier... very small, but delivers 10 watts with excellent frequency range and low noise.www.sophiaelectric.com 
What small HT speakers to buy?
I recommend the Energy Take 5.2 or Encore HT sub-satellite system for home theater. Really amazing sound for the money and have won numerous awards. More info at http://www.energyloudspeakers.com 
Is "live" music sound possible for under $1K
Take a look at my setup that I put together for under $1k. It incorporates some of the comments above...http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?vdone&1052281924&read&3&4& 
proac tab. 50's w/ low powered tube amp?
Hi Gunbei,Thanks for the response. I've decided to pass on the ProAcs, mostly because of the sensitivity rating. I'm hoping to come across a used pair of Omega TS3 speakers which are single-driver 94db speakers that are supposed to be extremely lo...