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Used 5ch Amp (Classe, Krell, Rotel)
Pass Labs Made the X5 a few years ago. I think it was 150 watts x 5. 
Let's compile list of brands that produce Amps AND Loudspeakers.
Best song for immediate impact when presenting or testing?
East River Drive - Stanley ClarkeFeel No Pain - Sade Lily Was Here - David A. Stewart featuring Candy DuflerMoai - Monica RamosSexy Paradise - Mariea AntoinetteWelcome - Lisa LynneWest Indeed - U-NAM 
What area or country do you live in ?
Beautiful Mississippi. 
Linear tracking turntables, whatever happened?
Clearaudio has these offerings.I am still saving for the TT5https://clearaudio.de/en/products/tonearms-tt5.php https://clearaudio.de/en/products/tonearms-tt3.phphttps://clearaudio.de/en/products/tonearms-tt2.php 
Digitizing LPs
I use a Mac Mini w/2nd storage drive and Magix Samplitude Pro X2 software, connected to my preamp. Every time I play an album I record it, I do my editing when I want to here that album again or when I have spare time. Some albums I just want cert... 
Pass Labs Xa160.5
[email protected] Hi-Fi has this:Pass Labs XA-160.5 pair of class-A monos, Used, very excellent condition, one owner, one year transferable factory warranty, all factory accessories, new factory double-boxing, about seven years old, Satisfactio... 
Best looking reel to reel
Try http://www.unitedhomeproducts.com/reel_to_reel_hq_tape_decks.htm They have the coolest Reels on the market IMO