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1st Album you Ever Owned?
Meddle, Pink Floyd. On my 11th birthday, in 1972. 
What country builds the best audio equipment?
But except an YBA pre, all my stuff is US made (and Swiss/German/UK for tuners).;) 
What country builds the best audio equipment?
Hey everybody!France is not often mentioned in this thread, but some products and brands are worth the detour. In the past and now.Lurné turntables. YBA amps & pre (the real YBA not the MIRPC recent ones). Micromega CD players and DACs. Focal ... 
Your favorite Electrostatic, Panel spkr
I had been living a long time with Audiostatic ES300. I LOVED them until the mylar get "old" and "unstretched" (or loosing their conductive coating, never knew really what it was).Until that moment (after 10 years or so), they really sang like rea... 
wadia 16 player close & play buttons don't work (unit or remote)
Thanks jcatral, I'll think about it if no easier solution comes by. LA is 9.000km from my place ;) but once I know where the problem comes from and if a part is needed, I'll call them. Useful tip. 
wadia 16 player close & play buttons don't work (unit or remote)
Yes it could be, but they're not easy to test when on board. I had a quick view on some of them and they "look" normal. But it doesn't say they ARE in the specs. AFAIK, the laser pick-up itself seems OK since the reading is normal, and it moves no... 
wadia 16 player close & play buttons don't work (unit or remote)
Thank you Elizabeth, you're right to explore on that side. I had disconnected/reconnected already the ribbon connector on both sides from the operating board to the motherboard, and another one somewhere else, without success. I can try other plac... 
Is the moscode 300 the Best $600 used amp?
just my 2c to add my POV, I owned a Moscode 300 for many years, driving Audiostatic 300 electrostatic speakers with ease and control. The ONLY reason I sold it was to buy a Cello Encore double mono 50W amplifier. And while the Cello is far more tr... 
Wadia WT3200 repair
Hi Robert,you can easily find those 4 belts on eBay (a german vendor whom I'm not related with at all) for around $20 shipped to you. I changed two sets in the past years on two WT3200 drives and it made them new again... You will need to operate ... 
What used speaker would you buy with $20,000-$35,000 and why?
I guess this is just the type of question that stimulates every "I-haven’t-heard-anything-like-my-last-speakers" speaker’s owner (just like me in fact).How lucky you are to be able to ask such a question. And also to cope with the multiple answers... 
Need Help on a Krell KAV300cd Repair - have one?
Hello bobe1,I have taken a picture of the 11 wire connexions on the power PCB. You can have a look at it there: https://goo.gl/photos/2xr7NdJBK74gyBpF6I’ll post more of this device later. good luck. 
Need Help on a Krell KAV300cd Repair - have one?
Hi! I’ll try to make a picture of mine soon, yet I’m unsure it’s a 11 wire power supply. I think mine is the double C transfo version, but once again, you’ll see by yourself on the picture. Good evening from France.