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Cable "burning": Real or VooDoo ???
This post is in two parts, first part to express my opinion that yes cable "burning" does have an effect as I have experienced at my local dealer a direct comparison of a virgin cable and one that had been given some +100 hours of "burning". I not... 
Golden Tube: need Schematic & Parts.Help
Have you tried Centasound International Inc., PO Box 210337, San Francisco CA 94121 Tel: (415) 668-9003 or Fax: (415) 668-9638 
Is this a good turntable?Ariston RDH5
Sorry about that, if you want you can email me and I'll pass it across for you, they are only 10 miles down the road from me 
Is this a good turntable?Ariston RDH5
Try contacting vantage audio in the UK for info ( they should be able to get you some helpful info 
Where to buy lead shot
Something worth trying, get hold of small washed granite "chippings"? This works as well as most other damping materials. The granite has good absorption properties and gives you the weight and mass. If you don't like the result, throw it on your ... 
220 Volt Ciruits
You can take the 220vac feed thru an center tapped isolation transformer giving you two 110vac feeds. Check with a qualified electrician before you attempt anything! 
Levinson in Lexus
'ML works at Red Rose'....?? He IS Red Rose! Anyway how do they fit a pair of those huge MADRIGAL ML monoblocks into the Lexus..?? Let alone the preamp, on top of the dash? Periscope optional to see over the pre so you can drive safely. 
Turntable Setup
Have a look at the following web page, this should help you: 
Help! Will lubricant affect spkr.cables?
Try french chalk, should be able to get some from a pharmacy. It is inert and will not affect anything.