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Repair Parts for Nakamichi CD Player2
The drawer problem is a belt related issue. As for the skipping, the laser lens should be cleaned, the mechanism lubricated and several electronic adjustments made. Some of the adjustments are not easy to do and require a special Nakamichi test un... 
Service for Mark Levinson
What was the problem before you sent it to the ML Service Bench and what is the actual condition? 
Audio Note CD Transport Two/II
It sounds like the mechanism is defective and should be replaced if there are no power supply problems. You will be looking at around $500 for the part + labor for 1 hour. 
Comments on older esoteric players as transports?
It all depends on the CD Mechanism used. The older Philips mechanisms are the real die-hards. The new Philips mechanisms are used in the best transports and CD player but they apparently don't last as long as the older ones.Check my Krell cd-dsp o... 
Luxman Lv103 Hybrid transformer question
Swapping the internal transformer is the better solution if you can find the exact Lv103 120V transformer.Otherwise, if you use a more powerful external step-up transformer, the performance might be better, the more powerful transformer providing ... 
Does anyone know how to reach Steve Lacrone
Steven Lekrone is the most experienced and knowledgeable person in the repair of Krell equipment in the US. Has worked at Krell for at least 15 years and was the chief repair engineer.The coordinates given by Cyclotronguy is correct. 
woofer excursion at start of lp
There is always more woofer excursion due to record warping which is more present at the beginning than at the end of the record. You probably also have an amplification system which is able to amplify linearly very low frequencies, maybe even DC,...