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Diy amp-pre-amp, from "scrach"?
Here's a site that has plenty of schematics for ss and tube amps http://www.infomaniak.ch/~bonavolt/audioel.htm and a good book to start from would be Bruce Rozenblit's "Tube Audio Design", which includes construction for a OTL amp, a very simple ... 
Most achingly-beautiful music
I'll include Devorak: Symphony No. 9, Holst: The Planets, Mussorsky:Pictures at an Exhibition and Jenkins: Diamond Music. These discs have alot I'll love to the day I die. 
The best sounding FM Tuner is.....
Pioneer TX-9500II tuner and maybe their other TX models. Fun time is surfing the dial at night in IF narrow. Decent tuner for peanuts.