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Creek 4330 and A43
I definitely agree with Danvete. Two years ago when I decided to get my feet wet in the HI-FI world, I bought a 4330 and have never regretted it. The amp is far from perfect. That has become apparent with the refinement of my musical intention. Bu... 
Satisfaction Guarenteed?
Hats off to Garfish, the pusuit of musical enjoyment is truly one of the most intensely personal undertakings with which we could possibly involve our selves. This is so because no one of us experiences music in quite the same way. None of us can ... 
Optimum speaker placement
Check out Cardas Cable's site at for good math and insight on speaker placement. 
Low power tubes/High impedence speakers
After I posted my first topic, I got to thinking (dangerous teritory), and decided that some refinement of purpose was in order. I'm thrilled that anyone actully responded to my soapbox ramblings. It is nice to know that I am not alone in a quest ...