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Joseph Audio Perspective next steps
Prof & 2LE: Yes, am considering the P2 upgrade path.  Have you heard the P2?  Know any up-graders? Their take/perspective? (no pun :)      
Joseph Audio Perspective next steps
Yes, owned them since 2014 and still love them. Don't have a strong itch but if there was a speaker I identify as an improvement (with my system) that would be a definite step up [within reasonable budget constraints] I might consider making the j... 
Amps under $5500 new or used
+1 PS Audio BHK Signature 250Bel Canto REF600M  
Who is Best tube repair in Dallas, Texas? 
Light Harmonic LightSpeed USB: best USB cable under $1k?
I'm using the LH LS (white w/ dual head) for last 3 years. Before that was Wireworld Platinum. I've been curious about others that might outperform the LHLS by now but I'm still very pleased with it. In no hurry to replace. I believe they have a 3... 
Synergistic Research Element Tungsten to Atmosphere upgrade
Thank you Colin for the feedback. That definitely helps.i am using Galileo MPC's (obtained before aware of Spallone).Using SR Black fuses as well.  Both MPC/fuses help nicely!  Appreciate the responses!Jay M. 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
The Eagles in Feb. at AAC in Dallas. 
Personal amp evolution
Pioneer SX-650 (1977)Nakamichi TA2A (1989)Rotel RSX-1055 (2004)Arcam AVR350 (2006)Odyssey Khartago (2009)Pass Labs XA30.5 (2010)Plinius SA103 (2012)QuickSilver V4 monos (2013)Lamm ML1 monos (2014) 
Great Saxophone Artists and Albums
Houston Person - Art & Soul, To Etta, etc. 
Your First Concert was.....
The Doobie Brothers...1974...Ft. Worth, Texas...(8th grade). Rock'in show! 
Pre amp for Pass Labs XA30.5 – Tube or SS
R0817 -I'm using a Modwright LS36.5 with my XA30.5 and have enjoyed it greatly. I had the Modwright 9.0SE prior...something about that MW tube preamp sound that does it for me. Might be worth a listen if possible.JM 
Review: Core Audio Technology power supply for Mac Mini AC filter
Are you still as pleased with the CAT Mac PS upgrade? Still using the Kora?