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Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
I agree with the above posts regarding Diana Krall, she has it all going on!! 
Volume Control Help.....
I would still like it to work with the IRIS remote, which is a different setup. When you touch the remote volume dial it becomes active and the unit is de-activated and vice-versa. I would like to keep it this way if possible, any more suggestions?? 
UPS Question/Problem
I am on the seller side of the same problem, and you are right the seller files the claim. UPS will ask for an original receipt for the original purchase of the speaker. UPS will come to you to inspect the package, so save all of the original mate... 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Don't forget Cat Stevens, Boz Scaggs, and Brian Setzer. In my opinion these three are very talented. 
What have YOU got?
Sumo Nine Plus power amp Sumo Axiom CD-transport Sony DVP-S530 DVD Proceed PDP DAC Rotel RC970BX Pre-amp TDL RTL2 SE Loudspeakers Kimber Kable Digital X Kimber Kable Hero's Kimber Kable PBJ's Kimber Kable 4VS 
DVD Player of choice for $200-300 range.
Look into the Sony DVP-S530-550. They are a little bit more, but still under $400. I have a friend with a 530, and if you are not in to theater, you wont have much of a problem. It has composite, component, and S-video outputs, and it also has coa... 
Any comments on the Mark Levinson #383?
I have seen and heard this piece, and it is simply amazing. Did you expect anything less from Levinson? Most dealers have these now, and it would be worth your time to audition. Nobody can tell you what a component sounds like except for you. What...