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Is flat frequency response a hoax?
Very aspy fellow... 
Standmount speakers. I have $5000.
@avanti1960 Joseph Audio Pulsars under 4K? Yep it’s called ask a third party internet direct company to build them. Many of them can build a faceted cabinet with the Seas T25 Millenium and Excel W16 for well under $4k, actually closer to 3k range. 
Standmount speakers. I have $5000.
Revel M126Be.KEF R3Buchardt S400Salk SilkSalk/Philharmonic BMRAll good options 
High value, giant killer speakers?
kef r3 and the buchardt s400 
What is wrong with a sub?
Integration not always easy 
Another fallacy about speakers
@kenjit What about coaxial drivers. Seas makes expensive coaxial drivers that cost $1000/pair but I’m not sure they are as good as KEF's Uni-Q. 
Coated woofer - why?
Seas is coating some drivers with graphene now. Not sure what the benefit is, or if its just part of the "put graphene on everything" rage going on right now. 
Paradigm Persona series
@djverne According to the NRC anechoic measurements the Persona’s 7 inch midrange starts beaming around 1500hz. The driver is crossed over at 2K. The Harman anechoic chamber also measured a sound power drop of about 5db in the 1.5-2k range in thei... 
Speaker Height / Tilt
Generally when you sit above the tweeter axis, assuming it has good dispersion you end up with a large hole in the crossover region (2-3K generally). This doesn't exist if you get a coaxial speaker.Good example is the M106 once you go above axis: ... 
Best speakers for max. $3000?
Scansonic is good too 
Bookshelf speakers for classical music
I think classical really sounds good with wide, uniform soundstage. Maybe JBL or Kef.