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New Damper material
This will surely put Rives and Echobusters, etc.. out of business if used properly for room treatment. Precision computer controlled pyramid shaped prior to cryogenic treatment for diffusion. For absorption make sure the meat is beatened, but not ... 
Does your system reflect your personality?
My system and I are one. As a matter of fact, when I have mexican for dinner, my speakers start making weird popping sounds and we both have hearty laughs after. 
Who is Most Beautiful female singer ever
I'm not familiar with her music but I remember seeing videos of her running around w/ boxing gloves. I'll have to second Vanessa Williams. She was, after all, Ms. America until dethroned. 
Therapeutic music:
Thanks for all the responses, I will check those out. 
The truth about interconnects - can you handle it?
The truth about interconnects - can you handle it?Bomarc, I couldn't agree more on not degrinigating science. I don't think it's necessary to get into an argument of relative objective/subjective perception of reality. What I wanted to point out, ... 
The truth about interconnects - can you handle it?
oh, by the way, the artist tends to look for similarities, and the scientist look for differences. Which one are you? 
The truth about interconnects - can you handle it?
I'm new to this hobby but in regards to the placebo effect, I can say that I only started my research after I heard differences from swapping cables on my system. The placebo effect only works when you have a preconceived benefit of a certain prod...