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Considering switching to Tubes
I own a Marantz 2325, 2285, had some solid state Mac's 2100 C26 etc.. I switched to Tube, built a Pair of KIT  Dynaco MkIII with KT90's, rebuilt a pair of Heathkit AA-121's and now own a Music Reference RM 9. Driving the RM 9 with a Scott LC-21 Pr... 
What are important features in a listening chair
Get one of these, most comfortable I've found. My Favorite chair for music. 
Bought some `Vintage Gear`
I have the Marantz 3300, pair of JBL 4430's driven by a Music Reference RM 9 Tube amp. Nothing beats vintage audio equipment IMO. The 3300 is a great Preamp. I have a Teac A-3440 Reel to Reel which I rarely use. I also have a Pioneer CT-950 High e... 
Solid State vs. Tubes - What if Transistors came first?
I've owned Macintosh Solid state amps and have listened to Macintosh Tube amps. In my personal opinion the tube amps are more enjoyable to listen to. If transistor amps are superior or equal I don't think you would be seeing new production of old ... 
Seeking Speaker Recommendations
I've read some of the responses here, I have a pair of Klipsch Forte I, I've heard the La Scala's, I can't speak for the Conwell's , You would not be disappointed with JBL 4430's. JBL produced the 4430 for 18 years straight  
Seeking Speaker Recommendations
Shop around for a Pair of JBL 4430's. I picked up a pair a few years back for $1,200, the sound stage is unbelievable. I've seen them on Ebay for $2400 recently. BTW, I use to have a pair of Voice of the Theater with those horns. My personal opini...