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Esoteric Grandioso P1/D1
Hi,can anyone who has specific knowledge (I.e. owned any of these units) of the Esoteric separates lines give me a comparison between the D1/P1 Grandioso and the Esoteric D-02/P-02 (non x) units? I’m seriously considering purchase (value is not th... 
DCS Vivaldi stacks vs Esoteric Grandioso G1, D1, P1 stacks
To those having Esoteric K1 or D-02x/P-02x unit’s Which is better sound quality between the 2 models? Not interested in other manufacturers.thanks in advance  
Upgrade - Front End OR Back ???
Update:recently purchased Esoteric N-01 and wanted to upgrade the X-03SE but stay in the Esoteric line (no other manufacturers lines are in consideration), ANY suggestions?thanks much 
MapleShade Samson V.2 and V.3 Equipment Racks
Steve Blinn Designs must have gone out of business as I’ve left several voicemails and texts over 2 weeks and have not heard back. I have no feedback but was interested in making a significant purchase based on comments made on this site. 
Esoteric Grandioso P1/D1
I need some advice as I’m unsure which option would give me the better SQ for my investment: I have an Esoteric X03SE and want to use it as a transport into the D1(s) (to be purchased) or buy a K1 Grandioso.thanks