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"You cannot handle the truth"
I didn't read the entire thread so I apologize if I've repeated what someone else has already said. I am a dealer who works from home as I design sound rooms and HT rooms. It's been necessary to have on hand a number of pieces including many model... 
Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers
Wow, I can't believe no one even mentions PMC!The world leader in studio monitors both active and passive and now a professional standard. The MOST accurate & advanced speakers I have ever heard by a long my humble opinion 
How good is your system
Please send photos of your system ....LOLI'm not sure if many know who that is!  . you must have really great ears however 
How good is your system
Exactly, on my acoustics page there's a comment;"don't expect more from your system than your room can deliver... " 
How good is your system
Hi bigkidz,- If you want to hear "micro dynamics" then you do need resolution amoung other things like a low noise floor which aids ALL aspects of sound reproduction. True imaging can only be had with acoustics involved. And after that you may fin...