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Update - TacT 2.0 Room Correction System
Some more color on room characteristics and speaker placement wold be helpful. It would b einteresting to try to determine how much of a correction, and what sort of correction, your room needs. I have a very poor room, with large reflective surfa... 
Vinyl vs. CD
Please explain. Tubegroover: do you agree or not with Fear3000's previous post now that he disowns it ? Fear3000: do you prefer CDs or vinyl ? 
Vinyl vs. CD
Forget Vinyl. Why would you want to hear cracks and pops, wow and flutter, groove sounds and a myriad of other distortions. Only masochists would ! Granted, original CDs sounded strident but that has changed with improvements in recordings and pro... 
Muse 9 CDP the best CD I ever have heard
I also own the Muse Model 9 Signature. It sounds really great. However, before the CD starts playing the player makes a lot of noise that comes through the speakers. The noise stops completely when the mechanism locks into place and the CD starts ...