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Beginner streaming questions?
just checked Lumin app no gapless playback supported   Soix     I might try MConnect + thanks for the reply  
still active where are you located 
Still Alive and Kicking 
Pass X600 Will it heat my room too much ??
I have a pair of XA100.5's in a 16x20 ft room. The 100's put out 600 watts of heat at idle and yes it does heat up my room. I had a pair of XA60.5s before the xa100.5's and I could not tell much of a difference with them, but with the XA100.5's I ... 
REL Strata III Setup - Help
You stated that it is a 2 channel system, the best method is to use the neutrik connection and use the "High" level, if you use only the neutrik connection then the LFE or line setting is not used ,it is only used for the "Low" level, but the phas... 
SCD-777ES and cd-r's
Thanks for the responses and I am on the prowl for one, I believe if will work well with my Dodson 217 Mk II d dac 
Dodson Audio - Still in Business?
Mdhoover Thanks for the info, I have the same dac and will try and contact them later for the upgrade. Family is definitely more important than my upgrade. The 217 MkII D even without the 218 software upgrade is the best that I have ever heard. On... 
Conrad Johnson,SimAudio,Thiel - Good Match?
I don't think there is any impedance problems ,the W5 has a 47k impedance,thanks for your response 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
You lose yourself, you reappearYou suddenly find you got nothing to fearAlone you stand with nobody nearWhen a trembling distant voice, unclearStartles your sleeping ears to hearThat somebody thinksThey really found you. 
Best speaker cables for Thiel CS2.4 speakers
After trying a few cables from the cable company,here is the list1. Acoustic Zen Satori2. Audience Au243. Goertz MI34. Synergistic Research Signature 10 X2IMHO the Signature 10 won the contest,with the Goertz and Audience not far behind,I personal...