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Best 5 Channel amp to mate with Revel Speakers
did you audition the lexicon lx-5? 
Revel Performa Series
Theohow long did it take you to break them in? 
Opinions on Revel Performa F32?
i would never review or add my comments on speakers that are brand new/just out of the box..... we all know that revels MUST be perfectly placed... i heared them in a show room and felt they needed more space - bottom line i dont think you can pla... 
Help me find it again
how the hell could anybody suggest sell your piegas..... you guys must be totally crazy.... this is one of the best speakers out there... unless you have heard piega do even try to suggest something like that... like others said give them real goo... 
Are Revel Salons too much?
seal the L shap off with a door and definalty do room treatment... where you can the revels need it.the speakers with the mc-12 is great try to upgrade to a linn unidisk 1.1 and for the amps get an other 436 for the voice sell the 432 and get 2 43... 
Question: Does ATC have the best midrange driver?
i think i would BUT the 50A are just do damn cheap.... NOT 
B&W N803 vs. Revel F30
Greenman.... i know what you mean by looks... but the golden rule in audio is NOT go by looks... it has to be always the sound and only the sound that we are looking to to get the best... if the looks are pleasing then so be it... so find somethin... 
B&W N803 vs. Revel F30
Subaruguruthis is a little B&W bashing for sure.... grant why dont you just go and listen.... you are 100% into classic.... so B&W has always been good for that. The tweeters B&W has the best to me... dont go by looks that would not be... 
Question: Does ATC have the best midrange driver?
Hi,Got into audio stuff a couple of hears ago - with B&W P4s and Arcam delta stuff - and i have to admit it is one of the most frustrating on one side and then once you think you are done the most beautiful "hobby" (if i am allowed to say to) ... 
what multi player with sunfire tg3/cgss2 combo?
i decided on the RT-10 now i am just a touch worried about the power 425w into 805 htm2 and dm600 - i would hate to blow these speakers 
Opinion's on Showcase vs. TGIII vs MC-8
any sugguestions what kind of dvd-a/sacd player to add to the tg3/cgss2 combo.... was thinking about the marantz 8300 or even the lex rt-10?