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Dallas Texas High End?
Hillcrest Hi-Fidelity has been the primary high end shop in Dallas for as long as I can remember. They also have a store in Plano ,Tx(a suburb) 
Suggestions for filling speakers stands?
You can't hear an audible difference, so go with least expensive. 
Speaker wire is it science or psychology
Steve, I recently initiated a post on blind listening tests and received a number of negative posts. In the end, it is difficult to argue with people whose only response is "there must be a difference because I hear a difference". I would bet larg... 
Blind Listening Tests?
Having started this I would like to jump back in and respond to a few of the above posts. First, I am not trying to imply that their are not clear differences between many products. However, since many of us do not have the opportunity, due to tim... 
KAV250cd vs KPS 20i
I can't give you any info regarding KPS 20i , but have owned KAV300 cd for about 6 months and absolutely love it. I definitely feel it to be a significant improvement over KAV250. Also for what it is worth, I spoke to a customer service rep at kre... 
Best Integrated amp 'around' $1000???
I'm obviously biased since I currently have my Arcam Alpha 10 listed here for $1050,but I really do think it would be a good choice. See the Arcam website for some info if you are interested.