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BAT Rex II vs BAT VK-150SE
Thanks Riley. However, I'm really interested in sonic differences rather than the technical differences.  
Types of speakers to create nightclub style sound?
I own two nightclubs and a bar that all have high-end Funktion One sound systems. One thing to keep in mind is the drivers in Funktion One dance stacks, included the bass drivers, are horn loaded. You won't be able to replicated this in your home ... 
San Francisco Bay Area Audiophile Society
Does anyone know of a good audio consultant located in the SF Bay Area that help with placing my speakers? 
Sonus Faber Driver Blowouts
I had a driver on a SF Cremona Auditor M go out as well. It wasn’t played loudly and was driven by a 500 watt Wyred 4 Sound amp. So it had plenty of clean power. I have yet to replace the driver. 
Capacitor question
Chris, what is the quickest and easiest way to cook the caps out side of the amps? 
Capacitor question
Thanks for all the replies.When I posted this I had about 200 hours on the V-caps so they are partially broken in. Will another 200 hours of burn-in really improve the sound that much?Maybe I should look at changing my cables. I'm currently using ... 
Amp for Amati Homage??
Semi,What taps on the 150SE's did you find sounding best with the Amati Homages? 
Listening room in a loft area?
The speakers being used are Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor M. Given that the rear of the listening position will open onto huge room, how will this affect the sound? 
Audio Physic Virgo vs Virgo IIs
Thank you