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ps audio p500
i have a chance to buy a power plant premier to for maybe $150 more . that would maybe power my system better . 
ps audio p500
thanks for all the great help everybody 
Classe CA 400, Pass Labs X250 and X350 comparison.
hi everyone I have thought about selling my classe ca 200 and abandon the idea of biamping and going with one larger ca 400 . Iam a big classe fan and like rshad0000 said , classe ampseem to be a bit slow & sluggish in bass responce but the tr... 
B&W 803s vs Focal 1027Be
can the 1027be be biamped 
preamp for classe ca200
the one major thing I got to say about the bel canto pre1 is that what ever grain there was in your system has disappeared . very clean sound . also a very nice machinedaluminum remote . 
preamp for classe ca200
hi all just to let you know I ended going with a bel canto pre1 .wonderful wunderful preamp . a good choice for classes if you really like the ss sound .