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Whest TWO phono stage power on spike
Thanks Moonglum for the response. I just left the phono stage on 24/7 now. If I have to shut it down than I will turn it on first before the preamp and amp. 
Used turntable market
Thanks all. I purchased a VPI Classic 1 from a dealer here on Audiogon and the packaging was simply outstanding. 
Used turntable market
Thank you all for your responses. I guess the logical thing to do when buying used turntable on the net is to have an agreement with the seller ahead of time on a resolution if the table arrives damaged due to shipping. 
input for a Vinyl newbie
Thank you all for the feedbacks. What is your opinion between the Scout and Scout 2 ($600 difference)? Will there be noticeable improvement in sound quality with the Scout 2? Should I use the extra money for a better cartridge/phono preamp instead... 
Dynaudio Confidence 5
You will not regret getting these speakers. They have the best midrange of all speakers I've ever heard. I'm driving my C5 with a Classe CA400 with great success. Given enough power, these babies will go lower than 43Hz. You will not need a sub. H... 
Sonic Frontier Line 2 Preamp Noise
Thank you very much for the replies. The problem was with the tubes. I replaced the NOS tubes with the stock tubes that came with the preamp and the problem is now gone. I can't believe the NOS tubes went bad that quickly (less than a year). It mu... 
Dynaudio vs. Vienna Acoustics
You need to give Dynaudio Confidence 5 a try. It is the best in this range. 
Who R U?
Thanks CFB. I'm a Texan by choice and very proud of it. It's a good thing we have a Texan in charge right now with all the problems we are facing in America...Happy listening.Coolsound 
Who R U?
Hi, I'm a 36 years old computers nerd from Texas. I've been into HIFI for as long as I can remember. The first "REAL" system was from college with fake pawn shop Monitor speakers, Technique intergrated, and Radio Shack Realistic tape player. The f...