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Hales Design Group Speakers...Removing the Grills
Well, a few disappointing things. First, I couldn't figure out where I stored the spikes, and that is just irritating. Second, no matter how I tried to work the cloth, it just wouldn't budge. The one place I tried to "force" it, it just stretched ... 
Need help to fix Hales Revelation One
Anyone know if it's the same way on the Rev 3? I've tried pulling on the cloth and I cant seem to get it to budge without tearing. The frame does seem to move a bit if I tug it up, but I can't tell what's going on under the sock :/ 
Need help with Surround processor
I just bought the Outlaw PM-950, and I would honestly put it in with many in this group. It's just a shade less sweet than the casanova, but it's also under $800. I'm certainly not ashamed to pair it with a pass x5. 
Pass Lab X5 vs. EAD Powermaster 8300
I have had an X5 for almost five years now. It is simply incredible, and has tremendous dynamics. My mains are Hales Rev 3's, and back to back with both an Aragon and an Adcom, the X5 simply puts them to sleep.I've had the amp in once for service.... 
Hales Design Group Speakers...Removing the Grills
Well, I am going in for a few reasons, namely:1. Used to live with a smoker, and they are probably filthy2. To dampen the frame with some rubber wedges, as some have suggested3. To check the tightness of the driver screws and bolts, as suggested.I... 
Hales Design Group Speakers...Removing the Grills
Have you actually removed the grills on HDG speakers? They do not simply slide up and off either vertically, or laying on their backs on the ground. The grill is actually just a sock over a metal frame which is attached to the speaker body.