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Line Source - to toe in or not?
Thanks for the responses folks, much more enlightened now. Cheers  
Decisive moments your your audio journey
Purchasing a s/hand Esoteric Audio Research 802 pre-amplifier started me on the valve path. Inserted into my system which at the time was a Marantz 72SE CDP with variable output, into a Quad 405 and then Dynaudio Finale kitset speakers. The 802 t... 
Next Step on the Digital Journey
Hi FolksThanks everyone for your responses. Some interesting posts that maybe weren't on topic, but generally a lot of good ideas. Has helped me move forwards.Cheers 
Next Step on the Digital Journey
Hi folksThanks for the responses. The key questions are:is there a streamer that meets the functional requirements listed, or do I need to by / build a server?If I go down the server route, is there software that does DSP, supports Spotify streami... 
Speaker company :HHR exotic speakers
I'm based in NZ and put a deposit on some TLS2s in early 2019.Whilst waiting for my build to be scheduled I managed a work trip to NY. I took a detour to Cleveland were Dale hosted me in his home to listen to the TLS1s.They are an impressive speak... 
Does such a speaker exist?
Golden Ear Triton 1's. Great reviews, and exhibit all the stipulated characteristics in my room / system. People talk about the quality / quantity of bass from the powered woofers, but it is the mid-range / treble that gets me. 
Solid State Amplifier Advancements In A Decade
I'm also interested in this questions as I look to replace 15yo Perreaux power amp.I've done a lot of reading on the interweb, and aside from the disqualified Class D options, this appears to be one of the few more innovative applications of Class... 
GR Research / ACA LS9 Opinions Please
Thanks Bdp24, appreciate the input. Cheers 
Lampi L5 vs Amber
Thanks for the input folks.The L5 is currently ex Lampizator in Poland and one of the 'Garage Sale' listed items.Kiwicol, yes used to be in CHC when I registered the name but now in WLG. I'd be keen to hear you system so will cotact you when I'm d...