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Review: Tidal Sunray Speaker
Hello,Never heard from Tidal before... Is it Swedish?Thanks! 
Room EQ
Copland drc205 The best in room EQ 
Johnny Cash Discography
Very true! And they sound very good!! 
Time to change. But to what?
I suggest the Mordaunt-Short Performance 6. Highly regarded here in the UK. 
Heads up Blues Fans
"Skin Deep" sounds like a "déjà entendu" Buddy Guy album, unfortunately. Sound is good, but the material is quite poor. Went to see him last Friday at the Greek in L.A., he was oustanding. 
Best Towers Under $4,000 / pair
Infinity Intermezzo 4.1 are excellent speakers! 
Melody CD-M10 vs Opera Audio Forbidden City Orfeo?
I did not know that the Rogue Cronus was a CD player..... 
Parasound Halo D3, anyone heard one?
I got one and it does sound great on cd's and sacd's. Unfortunately, it won't play HDCD's... And they call it "universal"! 
Best analog sounding cd player under 5K
Oppo Digital DV970HD. No kidding! 
Tyler Acoustics PD-30
Thank you so much to the three of you for such an interesting feedback. 
integrated tube amp recommendations, with remote
Music Hall Mambo. 50 watts Pure Class A. Excellent sound! 
Thank you very much to all of you for those very clear and competent explanations. I feel much more smarter now!