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New Technics SU-G700 Mk II on the horizon
Yes, worth a try;..."less is more".  One thing for certain, I cannot go back to listening to DACs or Class A/B amps again.     
New Technics SU-G700 Mk II on the horizon
I have been using SL-G700 SACD directly feeding the SU-G700 (original) via coax digital out which I prefer over analog out.  I have found Direct digital out has a "quicker" sound, less processed sounding, though analog out sounds "warmer".   Of co... 
GaN based SU-R1000 Technics Integrated Class-D, review by TAS
Stereophile review of SU-R1000  "amp's bottomless noisefloor" is a good description of the SU-G700 as well.  I never heard the SU-G30 though I assume same analogy applies  
Which digital input to use? Technics SU-R1000 or Technics SL-G700
..umm, in audio as with life, "less is (often!) more"  
Which digital input to use? Technics SU-R1000 or Technics SL-G700
Shouldn’t digital coax into the SU-G700 be the best option because it avoids the D/A conversation step from the CD Player or Streamer?  Meaning why feed an analog signal into SU-G700 just to be converted back to digital?  
Another GaN smaller integrated, Technics SU-G30 has everything bar the kitchen sink.
One dealer told me SU-G30 will be discontinued!?   
What Integrated Amp do You use
Technics SU-G700Most nuanced, finely detailed, cleanest sounding amp I have ever heard or own.  This amp has no discernable personality as though just listening to the music not an amp. Though it’s a “digital” amp (not Class D) I have used it with... 
Pulled the VPI trigger
Did you audition all three turntables ? 
Preamp with Aleph 5 and Thiels
Output impedance of SP9 is 250 ohms which is relatively low ...or at least should have no problem driving A5 with an input impedance of 10K. Output impedance of LS5 is (400 ohms) which is a little higher vs. SP9 though not enough to make a differe... 
Anyone using Sheer Audio Platter on Rega P25?
I am using Sheer acrylic platter on my P25 which I like better than glass platter. Everything is more "developed" sound more like themselves. MOre information. I've compared many times and acylic always sound better. I am also using a Heavyweight ...