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Tube amp for Avalon Eidolon ?
John: Maybe too late but....Joule-Electra Grand Marquis or Rites of Passage (depends on room size) preferably in Musicwood. Regardless of the yakk, there is nothing else even close. JMHO 
what do you have your wadia 861 siiting on?
I have a Wadia 7 transport and Wadia 27 DAC and both sit on critical mass systems stands. Both components performance is significantly increased across the musical spectrum, and yes it sounds better too. More transparent, more dynamic and more nua... 
Calling Wadia 27 owners
if you can find the internal dipswitches, the higher the number, the higher the output.if all fails talk to steve huntley at great norther sound co. he is ex-wadia and knows unit inside and out.651.436.8912 is his number.good luck. 
Wadia Upgrades
Part of what Steve is leaving unsaid is that he was the service manager and part of the design team for Wadia for quite a few years. He has knowledge of the products from both the design and execution points of view. He oversaw (at Wadia) the upgr...