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Shopping for a preamp
Hi ASP:  What did you decide between the Pass Labs & the Herron?  Oh, I see in your short list was the Whest.....did you get a chance to hear that? 
Any Herron VTPH-2 Phono Stage Owners out there?
Any experience of users of the Cary SLP-98 phono compared to the Herron phono VTSP-2 or VTSP-3A?   I am not satisfied with the Cary and find it noisy and want something that is dead quiet when playing vinyl.  Any recommendations appreciated..... 
Sacramento, California
Is there an active group in Sacramento for audiophiles?  I will be moving back to Sacramento in December and would like to meet other interested audio people.   Thanks,. Bruce 
Turntable recommendation for under 6k
thanks for the feedback, This is not my first TT. I have a Cary SLP 98 phono stage tube and a Music Hall 7.1 that I want to sell & upgrade, a McCormack DNA 500 amp and Martin Logan Electrostatic speakers. At some point I would like to sell the...