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Most Honest Audio Magazine?
All the mags are biased to some degree but I think Stereophile has gone to shit. Check out recent columns by Sam Tellig as an example. Last month he raves about several models of Triangle speaker and guess what there is a first time full page ad f... 
speakers for Creek 4330
I am using Totem Arros with a 4330 in a home office. The sound is great and the speakers are compact, easy to place and can be placed with backs close to the wall. Low level listening is quite good. 
Differences btw Blue Heaven & Red Dawn?
Yo carl I think any definition which is based on actual ownership of a product beats the hell out of an opinion based on "research" especially when someone has never even listened to the product. 
Differences btw Blue Heaven & Red Dawn?
I have both and use them in two system, tube and ss and there seems to be very little difference between the two. Go for the Blue Heaven rev2. contrary to previous posting they are very dynamic. 
Tube recommendation for SFL1
The SFL 1 uses only a single tube which is great because you can experiment with several brands to tune the sound to your liking for around $15 to $30 per tube. I used a Mullard nos in mine and it was sensational with a ss amp. The parts connectio... 
Need FM/AM tuner, suggestions
I have a carver TX 11 tuner available for $200. This is FM only and originally sold new for $700-800. It is a very good sounding unit and still very much in favor with those familiar with it.