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Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Im sure a genre not yet represented in the myriad of posts, but one that has definitely impacted my 35 year “closed for new material” playlist. Genre - Symphonic MetalBand - Nightwish (lead by the incredible lead singer Floor Jansen)Album - Storyt... 
Overrated: My ex-wivesUnderrated: My future ex-wives 
Budget tower speakers that rock!
For crazy loud and sheer fun, the Sansui SP-X11000. The absolute King of the Kabuki’s. I’ve never seen a speaker move so much air. They are a twin cabinet design for each channel and though certainly not hi-fi, they are the only speaker I’ll never... 
So many great golden era DD tables out there, what do you recommend for $1000?
I will throw in a 2nd vote for the Sansui SR929 or the SR838. Both excellent tables. I have the SR636, SR838 and the SR929. All 3 perform great but the 929 shines. 
What are the best loudspeakers under $4000 to re-create lifelike piano
+1 on the Bösendorfer. Beautiful speakers made by one of the best concert piano makers in the world. Interesting cabinet design, world class finishes and very impressive piano replication. Not capable of ear shattering volumes, but a nice listen. ... 
LP's... Do they sound better now than 30 yrs ago?
Prior to the early 70s, most vinyl was quite good. When the petroleum prices skyrocketed, the record industry was forced to scale back on the weight of vinyl used to produce a LP. This led to thin, easily damaged and warped LPs from that time thro... 
New to forum and Vinyl
If you still want a vintage TT in the 200-300 dollar range, I suggest a Sansui SR636. Beautiful piano black plinth and great performing TT.