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Replacement power. Ps
The Clayton’s are world class. I think the same league as the Lamm’s. I’m thinking perhaps a vintage Levinson recapped. Not sure of Lamm’s future with Vladimir’s passing.  Thanks to all for their comments.   
Replacement power. Ps
Not interested in a switching amp.  Would like another pair of mono class A amps.   
Replacement power. Ps
These are M1.1 mono amps. I would love something that will work with some type of consistency. Too many trips to Brooklyn and they are broken again. Both blowing the main fuse.   
Lack of Lamm customer service?
Lamm ServiceLast month I delivered my four Lamm units for service. I cannot praise them enough for the treatment I received. Very surprised to read anything negative about their products or service. Have been in the industry for almost 50 years re... 
Review: Tube Research TRL Dude Tube preamp
I have been involved with Audio equipment since 6th grade. Built Altec Voice of Theaters from kits, Dynaco's, Harmon Kardon, Eico and numerous other projects. Owned a Audio store for 40 years and still running. I have owned numerous high quality p...