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Whats up with Carver/Sunfire?
Yes, Bob does voice his own stuff, endlessly! Likes broadband approach, constantly improving designs. Which is why I think I would get his latest, or close to it. Of course, those Carver monoblocs would be nice, super powersupplies, which I prefer... 
Sunfire Theater Grand 3or4- phono sound good?
Phono is excellent in my experience, assuming good cartridgedave 
Sunfire Subwoofer MKIV
Just send the driver. If you have a problem, email Bob Carver directly. You will have to call Sunfire to get the correct email address, put his name in the subject line. You might also talk to Randy. Tell them the problem. I am sure they will acco... 
Any one try pa amplifiers for home stereo?
After going through about 5 amps, I read reviews and I finally wound up using Sunfire Signature, current mode. Very good price, very good sound. Drive my 9s well, no problems 
Older Infinity subwoofers--what is a servo sub?
Subwoofers such as Velodyne and the Genesis 928, (Nudell is associated with Genesis) use accelerometers. I find that there seems to be less boominess. Lower distortion measurements indicate they seem to work pretty well.dave 
Infinity Kappa 9's Tweaks?
I also plan to get another Sunfire amp, this time stereo, and run it with an electronic crossover on the 9s. More control that way. The Sunfire puts out about 800 watts into 4 ohms,way more into 1 ohm, without protest so far. 
Infinity Kappa 9's Tweaks?
I wound up getting a Sunfire Signature 7, which seems to power the 9's without any strain, very sweet, have a room about 15 ft deep by 14 ft. wide; I wired the amp in current mode, sounds smoother that way. Use Kappa modulus, 2 pair for rears, pla...