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Jolida JD-100A vs. Ah Njoe Tjoeb 4000
Using vacuum tubes as buffers did not impress me at all. For instance, I prefer the Heart CDP or the Jolida CDP over Ah! or any decent CDPs followed by an external tube beffer stage (e.g. a Musical Fidelity X10v3). To me, opamp and tube combinatio... 
Naim Cd Players
I love Naim amps/hicap and CD players. However, honestly, I am against buying old Naim CD players (CD2/CD3/CD3.5/CDX etc.) for various reasons (e-mail me if you want to know). If you like Naim CD player, buy current/recent production of Naim CD pl... 
Who offers the best mod for Music Hall cd25?
Abrahavt,I know it is difficult to convert sound into words.But could you be a bit more specific ?Thanks in advance. 
Rotel 1072 & Arcam 73 comparison
HKPearl,In my opinion, Azur 640C is rather on Rotel 1072 side than Arcam's side in terms of characteristics. Azur 640C does things little less satisfying compare to Rotel 1072 to my ears. But the low freq. is more aggresive (in good way) than the ... 
Who offers the best mod for Music Hall cd25?
Bricksalt,I am on the same boat.What did you choose ? How do you like it ? 
Musical Fidelity X150 or Naim NAIT 5i ?
I haven't heard them with Quad 12L. However with B&W 805 speaker, MF X-150 is quite disappointing. In short, thin sound, shallow stage depth, width is okay, detail is there, musicallity is not at the level of fidelity etc.The Naim Nait 5i does... 
Spendor S3/5 standard vs “SE” version????
S3/5 and S3/5se are not the same speaker once you hear those. The S3/5se yields more resolution and a bit brighter side of the phases of the music. The S3/5se places itself on the side of 'standard hifi'. So it is your taste and, certainly, your s... 
Musical Fidelity's x10-v3 tube output buffer?
I agree with Quadophile. It was nothing but a noise generator.X10-V3 tube even failed to improve $100 Sony CD Player as you and I guessed.I returned mine. 
Musical Fidelity's x10-v3 tube output buffer?
It's been only a few days so far. I am not sure it is all burned-in for fair audiotion. Anyhow, X10-v3 tube buffer does 'volumizing' the presentation or smooth out the texture and the details. Music is a bit slower than before. It helps certain ty...