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Kanta No.1 vs Olympica Nova 1?
Thank you all for your replies, especially @overthemoon @mrteeves @l1975r. I actually managed to find a dealer locally (about 2 hours out), on the weekend I’ll see if I can make it into the city and audition the Olympica Nova.   About 30 minute... 
Kanta No.1 vs Olympica Nova 1?
Just wanted to update, an EU distributor is willing to sell me a new pair of Kanta No.1 for $4900 shipped (€4800).   I'm going to see if there is an EU distributor for Sonus Faber that might be cheaper as well.  
Focal Kanta 2 vs Revel F228Be
Congrats on the Sopra No.2 OP!  
Focal Sopra, Kanta, Aria
Which speakers did you buy OP? I am debating between Kanta 2 and F226Be. I desire detail. Currently have Revel's M105, and they're great but lacking a bit of detail and play it very safe with their neutrality.   
Tidal Exclusive mode lower the volume to 50% after every track
Same issue but mine lowers to 40.     
Magnepan 1.7i Amp recommendations
What is everyone's thoughts on Denafrips Hyperion? 80wpc 8ohm, 150wpc 4 ohms. It measures better than most Hypex modules and is class ab. Lovely chassis too.