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Help! Need tube preamp to finish system.
I have nothing to sell you, but I love the AtmaSphere MP-3. The Atma MP-1 is certainly more detailed, but a chunk more money new. The MP-3 gets it right. 
Best system for opera lover at $30,000
For Plsl: Wouldn't doubt the psychoacoustic factor. Also the purely psychological factor. She listens to the people making the music, not just the sound waves coming out. She will wince in sympathy when she hears someone clam a note. "Oh, they cou... 
It's not the sound I want!
Your metallic acoustic sounds like the problem I had with violins: they sounded sweet but shiny, like they were made of silver. The solution for me was AtmaSphere M60's and a Metronome CD/DAC combo with a tube output stage. Now the fiddles sound l... 
Sound Cards
Good advice from Audaibnjad. Another idea might be to go to a local Guitar Center or Mars Music and check out some of the entry level pro-audio systems that include a two channel EXTERNAL A/D with a sound card and some CD burning software. Sweetwa... 
Best system for opera lover at $30,000
My wife is a principal string player in the Minnesota Opera Orchestra . The first system of mine that actually kept her sitting and listening was a Metronome CD/DAC, an AtmaSphere MP1 pre, Atma MA-2's, and SoundLab A3's with Analysis Plus Silver c... 
Interconnect upgrade
I went from AudioQuest Ruby to the new Analysis Plus Silver for interconnects in my recording rig. I agree with Tom-nice that skin effect is important. Analysis Plus has their own take on it...oval cross-section. Sounds good in my gear. Ambient