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12'x16'x8' room OK for good stand mounts?
Make a Pilgrimage to Phoenix on August 27th, 2022 to attend Speakerfest 2022!!
Dang! I missed it! Will there be another one next year?  
All New Joseph Audio Profile Loudspeakers // The Affordable Reference !
havoc I like Joseph audio but they're nowhere near as good as the monitor audio platinum 200 generation 2 or anything in the platinum range. The top end isn't as natural and open sounding with the soft dome tweeter as the AMT tweeter is. And the... 
Santa Fe, NM Audiophile Society
Any active members in Santa Fe still interested in a meetup? 
Definitive Technology Incline or something else ?
I got the Incline for my son's graduation and her really likes them. The AE A5+ also look very nice for the same money, but they do take up more desk space. We picked up the Inclines used on Amazon; but they were effectively new.