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CEC TL3 3.0 (Japan) vs TL2N (US)
Thanks. How does the CEC 3 sound?  Level of detail, natural decay of notes, drive and pacing?  And how does it compare to others you've heard?  Thanks much! 
Any Herron VTPH-2 Phono Stage Owners out there?
Bpoletti, could you please say what other phono stages you've heard & compared the Herron to? Sorry to trouble you with this, but I've searched your various messages on this topic and haven't found comparisons. Maybe I missed them, but would b... 
Dynavector XV-1S ---is it overkill for my system?
Will Herrara, sorry to divert the threat for a moment, but can you tell me how the Simaudio 310LP improves on the Heed? I have a Heed and am wondering what I'm missing. Thanks. 
Is there a problem with my Lyra Delos cartridge?
That sounds lexactly like what happened to me some months ago when some crud had built up on my stylus (on a different cart), but I assume you have checked for that, cleaned the stylus, etc? By the way, how are you liking the Delos otherwise, in c... 
Lyra Delos vs Grado Statement Reference low output
Thank you, Lloydc. Was your Grado in the new "1" series? Your reply is very helpful. 
seek mc cart recommendation for Townshend Rock III
Thank you both. Yes, I've thought about the Clearaudio Maestro. Could you say why a good MM may be better than a mid-priced MC in this table/arm? 
Reference DACS: An overall perspective
I asked the moderators, and they said that all threads are set to expire and be deleted 30 days after the first message. They said a small number of thread are maintained beyond that point if the thread raises issues of longer-term value. They als... 
What Gives? NuForce Reference 8 100wpc Mono's
I had already jumped in and bought a pair, and am simply floored at how good they are. It's very nice to hear of your final decision -- it is consistent with my own. All the best to you. 
What Gives? NuForce Reference 8 100wpc Mono's
Earthpulse, I'd be very interested in hearing your assessment of the Nuforce's musicality (harmonic nuance, richness, naturalness etc), in comparison to your CJ MV60 amp. Thanks in advance.