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Bored with my B&W Zepplin Air
Adam Audio A3X or Adam Audio F5 + Audio Engine entry level USB DAC D1 will do a very good job for you. For near field listening go, with A3 X. 
Does anyone know of a good 3-way bookshelf speaker
Neuman KH 130. 
Most non-fatiguing 2.0 nearfield setup for $1000
Sorry to beat up on an old thread but I cannot resist.1. AE D1 as DAC and Pre-amp ( $169.00)2. Adam Audio F7 ( $800.00).Simple and straight forward. I use them as my nearfield listening system. IMac is my media server. 
Do I need a DAC for iPod?
Get the Apple Camera kit for $29.00 and using it as a line out to an external DAC. Done deal. No need for Wadia or Cambridge Audio. 
IPod to home stereo - How to get best sound?
+1 for the Apple TV using Airplay. Ipod Touch, Iphone , Ipad2 to Apple TV. Optical out from Apple TV to external DAC. Line ouput from DAC to Stereo. Airplay is wonderful for Internet listening ( Spotify, Mog, Pandora). 
iMac in a home Hi-Fi system.
I bought my first Apple desktop, the IMac and while I enjoy the SQ from the CD driver with or without my Audio Engine D1 DAC with my Shure SHR840, I am limited to the only Internet Music, Spotify.I cannot play Pandora Premuium, MOG, Slacker on my ... 
Audiogon sellers, please stop and read this thread
I as of this moment have received 3 computer printed cashier checks from this Romeo Smith.One printed check for $1,700.00 and two also printed checks for $3,000.00 each. I am collecting these checks for the local enforcement. Insanity: Doing the s... 
Audiogon sellers, please stop and read this thread
Be careful, guys. I do not know how they did it but my long time Audiogon account was hi-jacked and all my listings were altered.I could not sign in even after Audiogon on line help line sent me a new password.I found out one thing that if I answe...