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Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE vs. SFL2
I have spoken to Chris, he provided his recommendation. I was curious knowing what others chose. He just rebuilt my SFP-1 to SE specs. 
Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE vs. SFL2
Hello brettmcee,Old post I know but what tubes did you end up deciding on?I've a SFL-2 that I want to change tubes on. Currently a combo of Sylvana/Sovtek and they are getting long in the tooth. I prefer the dark liquid sound too.Cheers 
Review: Usher Be-718 Monitor
I missed this thread somehow, and though realizing its dormant, thought I'd contribute.I have the BE-718's, presently bi-wired to two Cambridge 840W's in bi-amp mono bloc config, so 500 watts according to the manual (though the math of 200+200=500... 
What's your profession? Age?
I am a 55 year old executive with a heavy equipment company, and my 2 channel system is worth around $40,000 retail not including home theatre. Thanks to the internet, and a trip to Taiwan, I paid much less. 
Sonic Frontiers Power 2 bridged
Ok thanks for getting back to me. It looks like I keep looking for a Power 3 or go in another direction.I have the Cambridge 840W pair, so maybe I indulge my bridged mono lusting with those and stick with the Power 2. 
Sonic Frontiers Power 2 bridged
I have been looking for a Power 3 for a couple of years now and have yet to find one. A Power 2 however is readily available and for as little as $1500, so I was thinking if they can be mono blocked, that would be a good way to go.I'm not sure if ... 
Sonic Frontiers Power 2 bridged
I already own a Power 2, and have come across another at a reasonable price, so was wondering about the merit of acquiring it and bridging them. So are you saying the Power 3 can be bridged in pairs? Or just that the Power 3 alone will achieve the... 
Sonic Frontiers Power 2 Amp - tubes
Just came across this question....you can download the manual from the Sonic Frontiers website 
Matching Amp to Wilson Sophia 2
I have Wilson Sophia 2's powered by a Sonic Frontier Power 2 which is a 100 wpc tube amp, running KT6550's and matching SFL2 pre-amp. The soundstage is incredible, both breath and depth. I have read that this combo may not provide the bass some wo... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
A 2007 Infiniti G35X, a 2003 Denali XL, a 2003 Harley Fat Boy, and a 2006 Harley Road Glide