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 Impressed by Pangea Audio AC-9SE
br>Lately I ran across some threads about the Pangea...Audio AC-9 and AC-9SE power cables....
 Pangea Audio AC-14 power cord
Has anyone tried the Pangea AC-14s yet?...Audio Advisor is pushing them with low introductory
 Pangea Audio P 100 replacement cable
So it seems like I misplaced my cable for the Pangea...I think the CA end is 5.5mm x 2.1mm an...
 New Pangea Audio AC-14 XL Power Cord
I was ready to order the Pangea AC-14SE when I came...across a new PC from Pangea...the AC-14...
 Pangea Audio Premier XL Digital Cable - Mini Review
Note: This is the only Pangea product I own....I use are Audience, Shunyata, and occasionally...
 Pangea 9se, Cullen Crossover or VH Audio Flavor 4
Which one for DAC and preamp?
 Audio Art cable Power 1 Classic or Pangea AC-9
Which of these 2 budget power cable to choose for Cary mono's?
 certain online retailer asked me for a review of Pangea
-33mkII headamp and Sennheiser HD800 (bought from Audio...The Pangea powercrds ARE GREAT, no ...